1:72-Scale WWII Douglas C-47 Skytrain Diecast Airplane With Display Stand


The Hamilton Collection

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Flying in the dark of night, at 140 mph with no navigational lights and with strict orders to operate under radio silence to avoid enemy detection, “That’s All, Brother” led more than 800 other Douglas C-47s in tight formation across the English Channel and into history. The liberation of Europe had begun. Now relive this bit of WWII history with the incredible 1:72-Scale WWII Douglas C-47 Skytrain Diecast Airplane, presented by The Hamilton Collection and manufactured by Round 2, LLC Vintage Fuel under license. This precision-engineered plane captures all the details of the original, right down to the opening door, retractable wheels, spinning propellers and authentic D-Day invasion markings.A remarkably authentic tribute, at the nose of the plane, you’ll see the name “That’s All, Brother”, inspired by the popular Mae West song of the era – and a tongue-in-cheek jab at Hitler, letting him know his days were numbered. Other fantastic details of this 1:72-scale WWII diecast airplane include two front wheels that drop down from the plane and lock in place for runway-ready display, two front propellers hand-painted with orange tips that spin with a flick of your finger and a drop down rear door equipped with steps for easy loading of cargo and brave paratroopers. A rugged metal display stand provides the perfect finishing touch to showcase your collectible “in-flight.” Strong demand is expected for this Douglas C-47 collectible tribute, which arrives in a protective box with photos and historic facts. So don’t wait. Order now!

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