Civil War Confederate Express Electric Train Collection


Hawthorne Village

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Embark on a journey to the grand Old South aboard this heirloom-quality Civil War Confederate Express electric train collection, brimming with rich, authentic Civil War Confederate period-inspired artwork! Your trip back in time begins with Issue One, featuring the impressive steam locomotive and coal tender. Next you’ll delve even deeper into Southern history with Issue Two, a classic train car, with FREE 16-piece HO gauge track. Then your Confederate train collection continues with Issue Three, another train car, with FREE power pack and Issue Four, the 150th Anniversary Car. Additional Civil War Confederate train cars, each a separate issue, will follow.‡Available exclusively from Hawthorne Village, the Civil War Confederate Express train collection is just the ticket for history buffs. Each train car features Civil War period vignettes of Southern landmarks, portraits of military heroes and motifs of period military insignia. The gorgeous grey and red locomotive even has a real working headlight! Don’t miss this important Civil War collectible – strong demand is anticipated, so order now!

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